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The places we almost went.
Lover, I wanted to go everywhere with you,
tie our kite strings to the nearest boat and let it
drag us to the other side. I wanted to kiss you
in Paris. I wanted the acoustics of the sky over Amsterdam
cupped in my hands, to pour it over you while
you slept and to lick the northern lights from the corners
of your eyes.
I wanted to build forts in our
bedroom and call it paradise. I wanted to hunt
wild animals under the covers. I wanted
Africa's heat in the middle of December, and
a plane ticket to Russia when I was ready for the cold,
an extra pair of mittens and a hand
that was willing to hold mine when it snowed.
Lover, I wanted to sit beside you
on the mountain and roll the world between us,
kiss your face like a map and
let my lips dictate our destination. I was bitten
by an endless travel bug, but I was lucky;
your skin was always home,
so I was never very far.
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 18 11
I'm settled here...
tonight is the echo of a sunset and the shelter
I built for myself from the rain. the sky was orange and
I hate that colour and I hate the way this feels
but I never hated you.
honey you made everything beautiful, except for
the monsoon knocking at my door, the one
they'll give a name to one day and sigh
for everything they lost. I know a thing or two
about losing. oh do I ever.
but not tonight. tonight's just
an echo of that feeling. the feeling of
standing with feet planted firmly on something real.
the feeling of being safe from the storm until the
moment I realised I wasn't.
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 8 13
oh honey. by sweet-lyrical oh honey. :iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 2 14
what's left when...
it ends without a single shot, all our weapons long retired
and bitter words saved for later. we're in bed together
for the last time with nothing left to fight and nothing
left to fight for, nothing left to do but love
each other quietly for just a minute longer.
our hearts are one of many things we lost along the way.
it ends quietly, the latch on the door catching
like it always does and you slipping on the hardwood
floor with your shoes in hand. that was me
spilt sloppily on the floor, love leaking out of the
wounds in my chest where you reach into
and took what was left of me.
it's graphic, love. it's hot and it's sweaty and it's graphic and
it's cold and it's lonely and it's graphic and it's
bloody in the end when you're dying of it.
it ends the way it's supposed to,
I guess, with you letting yourself out
after one last kiss. no,
there's nothing unfamiliar here but a whole lot unrequited.
it started with a fanfare and
ends with a whisper, like these things do.
don't l
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 20 11
all the ways we say I love you
you glow, but only in a breathless voice like
breathing underwater. morning after scratches
down his back. love bites in unusual places. ruining
his shirt when your heart bleeds mascara isn't I love you,
but the fact that he let you is. don't go.
building yourself a home inside his ribs.yes,
I'll stay a little longer.
sweet dreams text messages
at four am because he doesn't sleep like
normal people do. quiet desperation in the way
you say his name.
no, don't say that, don't ever say that. the night
he clung to you like a child because he dreamt that you
weren't breathing. please don't do this.
not this.
knowing the angle of his jaw by touch. the way
he runs a finger along yours. breathing whisper-kisses
against his skin. every single poem for years,
and years,
and years.
maps of foreign countries you could rule together. your eyes.
I haven't felt this warm in months.

the way he grabbed your hand the last time, when he knew
but you didn't, a
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 46 19
better ways to leave.
quietly. out the back door at night like my heart
is a stolen good, like you were doing clever things
when you snuck your fingers between
my second and third rib while I slept and I
pretended that I didn't see you, and I
pretended there wasn't fingertip proof on
the inner cavity of my body. god
I wish I was better at lying to myself. god
I wish we were better at lying to each other.
god, I wish we were worse.
I wish I could possess you like the ghost of the man
you used to be, laugh at you at night right
in your good ear and ask you which choices you'd stand by
and which one was haunting you. ask you to name me,
tell you to name me,
drag my name from your lungs like a dying breath like I dragged
myself from your body when you were leaving and I
was barely leaving alive.
but then we never survive this, do we.
I have dreamed of better things than this. I have dreamed
of better men than you, the ones that leave me
gracefully the ones that leave me full of blazing pa
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 17 13
When love was like drowning...
It pushes and it pulls me
back. You, like a promise pressed
into the roof of my mouth
with your tongue. You,
a whisper curling around my knees.
I walked into you like a fog.
I walked into you like a girl
drowning, and you
were laughing underwater,
teaching me to anchor myself to you,
teaching me to drift. You
were the tide dragging at
my body and the waves that
brought me back. You
were the salt water echoing
in my ears.
when I was lost at sea, were
the cliffs and the coastline
that never gave in, never crumbled,
never wore away,
even when I was the ocean beating on your shore,
even when love was.
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 7 23
I want to paint my face black and breathe
your pulse in through your skin. I want you to paint
your skin black and to put your hands on my body. I want
to cradle you in black hands and whisper secrets
back into your blood and for you to press your black lips
against me and tongue our story's end into my bones - but carefully
now. I carved our romance into my skin the day
that we first met; mind your fingers and look for the ellipses that all
the black paint can't hide.
They're marking all the places we left off and where
we should begin again.
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 4 9
running with my eyes closed...
chasing sleep at 2am and all I can say is
I want to chase you through
the snow and through the weeks and through this world,
heart pounding over the continents.
and I want to catch you but only because you let me.
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 8 13
insomnia and other things...
at night I claw my way into my own chest and silence
my heart between my hands. I can't sleep with the sounds
of breaking echoing off my bedroom walls.
my room is so much emptier without you, I say,
sleeping in the corner on the floor. there's nothing
here for me when I'm the only one in it.
I know, you say. there's nothing there for me when
you're the only one in it,
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 6 9
Mature content
and stalk your prey with... :iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 21 19
I don't have the breath...
I want to swallow the noises you make when
you sleep and feed them back
to you like a bird. I want to lick
your heart into shape. I am in love with so many
things, she says, and I can't
have any of them. I just
this is our home and it's burning all around us.
sometimes I feel a little mad. sometimes I feel
like looking out the right window makes anywhere
feel like home. sometimes I feel like
the only one I ever turned to is the one
who's holding the match and it almost--
no, it breaks my heart.
it really, really does.
at night I close my eyes and remember what it feels like
to be in love. mostly
I remember how often it made me cry, and how
it's not supposed to be like that. it's not supposed to be like that.
no, it's not.
this was our home and it's burning all around us.
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 11 20
oh my. by sweet-lyrical oh my. :iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 1 4
safety or lack thereof.
someone tell me which is worse: that you left me,
that I drank too much,
that I almost slept with him so that your hands
weren’t the last ones to touch me,
or that in the years we were together, you never
held me as tightly as he did that night.
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 15 12
even the things you never...
I was flinging dishes against the wall and praying to
God, no, I was smashing what’s left of my heart along
with the fine china, no, I was thinking mostly
of your forehead damp with sweat and how it glued your
eyelashes to mine back when
you were willing to get close enough, and how
I don’t miss it.
I was flinging dishes against the wall last night and working
on my lies.
I was flinging dishes against the wall last night and thinking
about carving into your skin with the pieces. Mostly, I was
screaming I want my everything back, you asshole,
I want my everything back.
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 11 14
and He was always in tune.
I would have you...
remember that you heard God
sing in the hollows of my cheeks
when nothing else made noise.
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 6 32


Love Poem
last night I made a man
out of pillows and forgotten
fragments of clothes
we'd pushed into my drawers.
I held my pillow-man's hand
and made sure he wasn't too warm
because it is summer;
I'm on the second floor;
and that was always your
biggest complaint.
this morning I tried to shower
but would turn off the water and run
like a soapy dog, complete with
loyal tail wagging, to the door
thinking you'd come knocking.
You hadn't.
tomorrow will taste like
the food of a week ago
and I'll wear sunglasses,
which, if you know me,
(and you do)
will seem out of context
and like a little girl
playing dress up.
I know there are supposed to be
thunderstorms, perfect
radio love songs, movies with Meg
Ryan and wondering when we'll meet
but God
doesn't budge on the details.
:iconwhokilledkirov:WhoKilledKirov 1,909 501
smile pretty now
if you can't
from the inside
I won't mistake
your beauty
for relevance
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 196 172
And ( shhh )
I believe that if you are
very quiet
and still
and still believing
in stars
That you will hear
an empty memory,
a soft song
far away
from the sea.
:iconohfever:ohfever 37 16
Mature content
I want :iconmsjames:MSJames 21 52
when falling
love is a rosebush.
land softly.
:iconjonzoiplu:jonzoiplu 40 45
On the Way to Morning by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov On the Way to Morning by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 3,263 264
hands don't last forever
fields have broken inside of me.
i bleed poppies.
then nature blows on my face
and i am a fog, a fog curling.
you have never seen my heart.
:iconsoothingangel:SoothingAngel 12 8
And I called her Rabbit.
Nobody understands us
but us; We are
two peas in a pod, the color purple
like the crayon in the box that
even holds the broken ones.
Nobody understands that but we do,
we are two
girls in plaid dresses, sometimes
we wear overalls, sometimes
we skinny dip together in the pool
because we are not sorry about our bodies
like our mothers seem to be. We will embrace
the orange sun and laugh back at it,
with our little girl mouths.
:iconohfever:ohfever 10 7
tour eiffel by MissMarle tour eiffel :iconmissmarle:MissMarle 16 25
When Backspace Breaks.
And I loved you
more than letters.
I loved you more than language.
:iconsoothingangel:SoothingAngel 16 7
Serenity by jadeocean Serenity :iconjadeocean:jadeocean 1 2
On The Corner of I Don't Know
All I ever wanted was to go home,
but I met you, a liar covered in pet hair, on the street
and we just looked at each other, angry that this thing had not happened
and for longer.
Eventually we compromised, though most people would call it foolery,
Promises our frail bodies
  couldn't withstand.
Anyways I exchanged exactly seven thousand feathers
for seven thousand     one
of your scabs. I don't know where they are now. I hope you aren't bleeding,
and can you blame me still caring? Maybe you can.
Maybe you do.
And I thought you were home, I thought your teeth were windowsills,
(your lips were certainly locks I wanted to pick, cabinets I wanted to handle)
I thought your forearms were bedrooms, I thought
that every night after the night we fought,
because we started out as arguing strangers
that you would maybe
  rake up my leaves and fall backward into them.
But you were an affair. I sigh with that, beautifully.
:iconsoothingangel:SoothingAngel 7 4



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Personal Quote: The more I live, the more I think that two people together is a miracle.
Wow, guys, I check into an old account and find that one of my poems was a DLD... I feel so terrible for not checking more often! I should notice these things!

:heart: You guys are all awesome, as usual... and again, I'm currently hanging out at

this-epiphany is my new account name. =)

once again, thank you... many, many times over!


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:heart: Thank you so much for the kind words.
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